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We are here to build a reflection of you, through the strength of our company built on over 25 years of experience and high quality customer care.


Over the last 25 years, Eagle Custom homes has built a reputation of being Cincinnati's premier luxury home builder. Backed by more than 40 years of construction experience and degrees in civil engineering and architecture, Doug Feagles is recognized as 1 of 7 Graduate Master Builders in the state of Ohio.

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Eagle Custom Homes's commitment of "A Perfect Reflection of You" stems from understanding you and your lifestyle needs. Taking our knowledge and experience we translate these needs into a home that is not only beautiful but functional. All while keeping you involved in every step of the way from design to turning the key for the first time on your dream home.

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As an established builder who has long term relationships with many of the premier architects and designers in the region, Eagle has the ability to craft a home that emulates our clients. From the initial interview we take a leadership role to achieve a plan to determine a direction and begin to develop a baseline for design.

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About Eagle Custom Homes

Founded in 1994 by Doug Feagles, our company has garnered national recognition, and local prominence, for the exceptional quality of our homes, and the pleasure we provide throughout the home-building process. Eagle Custom Homes attracts world-class architects to design one-of-a-kind homes that reflect their owners, and transcend mass-market trends. We also apply world-class construction procedures, always client centered, to ensure that home-building memories are as positive as the memories made after clients move into their new homes.

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