Eagle Custom Homes

The Eagle Difference

Doug Feagles of Eagle Custom Homes is one of only six accredited Graduate Master builders in Ohio and has a long record of building beautiful, architecturally sophisticated homes of superlative structural quality.

Talking to him you understand why: he seems to care about everything you say. And this is exactly what he hopes his clients feel − that they are being listened to.
Feagles’ home-building process includes the client in every phase. He emphasizes listening because only by knowing their wants can he give them something they’re going love.

“First and foremost,” he says, “it’s not my project. It’s for them.” Doug Feagles

Once Feagles understands his client’s wants, he can use his expertise to realize them. Much of this he culls from thirty years of professional experience, but it also comes from before that. “Construction is in my blood,” he says. Feagles built model trucks and planes as a child and by 13 was driving bulldozers at his father’s excavation company.

Transitioning to his own building company thus “seemed natural.” And as he learned from his father, he hopes his children learn from him. Eagle Custom Homes is a family affair, and Doug couldn’t see it any other way. “Our family has grown up in this business,” Feagles says.

Seeing their father interact with contractors and clients conveyed important lessons to his children about making something lasting they can admire. “Many customers say it must be amazing to see something you’ve built,” Feagles says. “And you know what? It is.”