Eagle Custom Homes



Our relationship with Eagle started 14 years ago when they built our current home in Somerset, Sycamore Twp. We visited their model in Somerset and was immediately impressed with the quality and workmanship. The house has proven to be solid, structurally sound and in our eyes beautiful. Eagle at that time made all its commitments and went out of their way to make us satisfied.

I tell you all this since it was that experience that brought us back to Eagle when we decided on a life style change which included a smaller house. We searched for quite a while, looking for the right location. We found a home in the community of Heritage Green. Unfortunately or fortunately dependent on the your prospective we found a home that was ideal in size and location, however was in miserable shape. We asked Doug Feagle to take a serious look at the effort and costs to totally renovate this home. He took our wellbeing into consideration as he developed his evaluation and estimates. We totally trusted his opinion and suggestions. He told us up front the obstacles and problems that might occur. He developed a plan that included our inputs the entire time. He did do an in depth review of what had to be done, made some suggestions that we did not want to hear, but turned out to be accurate in the end, and gave us a detailed estimate of work, time and cost.

We had a definite timeline that we explained to Sharon and Doug that had to be met since our house had been sold. He has kept that deadline in mind the entire time and has met or exceeded every milestone he had set. Doug kept his team on schedule and everyone we have met so far has been willing to put in the extra effort to make sure we meet our deadline. We are pleasantly surprised that even with the many changes we keep coming up with that they have met the timeline and cost estimates. Yes, we have added things and upgraded some items that have exceeded the initial contract price, but that was our fault and not Eagle’s. They provided us periodic review meetings to go over where they were and what had to be done. Sharon works behind the scenes coordinating and coaching us on when things need to be ordered and keeps us on schedule also. They have encouraged us to visit the house and review their progress and work. I might add here that we are totally impressed with the quality and workmanship. A great team.

We would be glad to discuss with you any ideas or concerns you may have. As you can tell we are happy and satisfied Eagle customers. Our enthusiasm is genuine and I believe you will be as pleased as we are if you chose to proceed with Eagle. The very best on your renovation project. The time and effort is well worth it in the end.

– Joann and David Monroe


We feel very fortunate to have found a builder with such a dedication to the level of service necessary to make the building process the exciting, interactive and challenging experience it should be when designing the home of your dreams.

As we invite friends and family into our home, we are excited each time we have the opportunity to give guests a tour. The construction, design, quality and attention to detail are so apparent that it marvels everyone.

The aspect we, personally, enjoyed most, about the building experience was the constructive involvement and interaction we engaged in with you during the design process and John and Jason during construction.

You and your staff definitely lived up to your commitment to make customer satisfaction the top priority of Eagle Custom Homes.

– Jim and Norma Kerns


The house is great. We are really enjoying it. I believe it has turned out to be the best looking house in the neighborhood. I must be proud. I still have the Eagle sign on my front lawn.
– Dave Monroe

Freedom and Guidance

They were very up-front and always had alternatives as to how the job could be done to suit us. The choice “is up to you”, they always said. After saving for 28 years to build our dream home, we appreciated the good communication…that was #1.
– Frank and Sharon Saluga

Strength of Character and Knowledge

As our first time building a new construction house (3rd home) and hearing all the nightmare stories from friends, you pray that your builder is honest. This is a tough business… it must be hard for Doug to be such an honest guy.
– Chuck and Kathy Donabedian


There were no issues. When anything came up, we’d sit down as a team and work together. We are very impressed with Eagle Custom Homes. They go the extra mile and continued to come back after we’d moved in.
– Linus and Amy Bruno


How can we thank you enough…Thanks for a great experience over the past 10 months. The result is fantastic – we love our house!!

You all have a great business – your personal touch and high standards set you apart from all others! Thanks for everything!!
– Dan, Janie, Steve & Jeff McCormick